Early Doors?


‘EU Referendum’ blogger Richard North, frustrated at the lack of serious attention shown in his UK ‘exit plans’, has recently been toying with “the temptation to walk away” from the campaign. A sentiment echoed by fellow blogger ‘Scribblings from Seaham’ who, rather forlornly, asks if is understandable to want to  “pack up shop and go home”?

Given the circumstances, it is very understandable. ‘Packing up shop and going home’ is one response to a general disinterest from prospective customers. Another, of course, is to examine one’s stock to see if something better and more marketable would attract attention and kick-start some business.

In this respect, the golden rule of marketing is that if one’s product is a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist (nor is ever likely to exist), no matter how well-made it is – it will never sell.

As a good example: one could laboriously construct an ‘intricate framework for future relations between Britain and the EU’ (with a fancy name, like Flexcit) and promote it as an essential solution to the problem of “no-turning-back” once Article 50’s two-year negotiations are triggered. Unfortunately, there are two flaws in this model. The first is that Article 50 contains not the slightest hint of there being no-turning-back as a condition of its use. In fact, the label on the article’s tin leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind that its use, throughout, is on an entirely voluntary basis. The second flaw (rather embarrassingly) is that the whole purpose of invoking and using Article 50 is (drumroll…) to build an ‘intricate framework for future relations between Britain and the EU’ – from the ground up – tailor-made for Britain – and employing the only people with the authority to do the job… the EU and British governments.

Of course, one could take these home-truths on board and adjust one’s stock accordingly… Or, one could continue railing at how ‘dumb’, ‘ignorant’, ‘clueless’ (etc, etc,) one’s non-existent customers are (before, inevitably, packing up shop and slunking off home).

Meanwhile, Exeunt actually provides a thorough unpicking of Article 50 – and on the back of that understanding outlines a workable solution for an all-inclusive and effective exit campaign.


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  1. New Alliance says:

    You are discussing some interesting areas of EU law. If you are interested in the wider issue of why we can’t take powers back (i.e. why we have been stitched up) please contact info@newalliance.org.uk identifying yourself as this website’s manager.

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